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School Family Education

Qihua has embarked on the SFE programme commissioned by MCYS since 1st April 2011. SFE adopts a holistic family learning model, equipping parents with effective parenting skills and training them to be parent facilitators, helping the school staff to enhance their family life, and providing students with life skills training.

Research has shown that a child’s success is directly related to parental involvement. With increased parental involvement, children tend to do better in school and exhibit positive attitudes and behaviours. SFE provides information, skills and support to parents in the total development of their children and the emotional and psychological health of their families.

SFE has been well received by parents and participating schools. Since 2002, 222 schools have joined the SFE family and more than 2 million people have benefited from the life-enriching programmes.

Benefits of SFE Programmes 

For Parents

  • Learn positive and effective parenting skills to better understand their children and improve parent-child relationships.
  • Learn positive and effective skills to better understand and enhance relationship with spouse.

For students

  • Learn life skills that help them become more effective in coping with life’s demands.
  • Benefit from positive attitudes towards family, relationships and life in general.
  • Learn positive and effective skills to improve child-parent relationships.

How to participate?

Look out for the school’s circular or contact the SFE coordinator (Mdm Siew Lee) at

To find out more about SFE, please go to

Mdm Siew Lee: SFE Coordinator cum Parent Facilitator


Mdm Jasmine Yeoh: PSG Vice-Chairman cum Parent Facilitator


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