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Learning for Life Programme

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) @ Qihua Primary School

Sports Development Programme

The guiding principle of Qihua’s Sports Education Programme (SDP) is that positive values and life-skills associated with sporting pursuits and success can be directly taught, nurtured and learnt. It develops our students into athletes of good character and be valued members who would contribute to a healthy and sporty society.

The SDP is anchored on school values and focuses on creating social interaction. It provides ideal opportunities for students of different races, nationalities and social backgrounds to hone their Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies such as relationship management, self and social awareness. Students would have opportunities to recognise and manage their emotions, develop care and concern for others, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, as well as handle challenging situations effectively. Hence, opportunities are also created for students to develop the 21st Century Competencies of Civic Literacy and Cross-cultural skills.

The table below shows how the SDP caters to the development of students.

Name of Programme Attributes
Foundation Sports Skills All P1 and P2 students are exposed to key and fundamental sports skills such as running, skipping, dribbling, throwing and catching that are primarily taught during PE lessons. In addition, students are also exposed to modified sports skills lessons.Age-appropriate equipment is used and modified games approach is adopted.
P1 Gymnastics Programme All P1 students are taught gymnastics movements based on the latest PE gymnastics syllabus and applied the skills learnt during the Lower Primary Games Day. School values such as teamwork, excellence, resilience and perseverance are emphasised in the programme.
P2 Dance Programme

All P2 students are taught dance movements based on the latest PE dance syllabus and used the movements learnt to perform in the P2 Dance Concert. School values such as teamwork, excellence, care and respect are emphasised in the programme.


Lower Primary Games Day

All P1 and P2 students compete in a series of games that require them to use the fundamental skills and modified games taught. School values such as teamwork, perseverance and resilience are emphasised during the games.


Young Champs Programme Selected P2 students are identified to join the 4 Sports CCAs – Sepak Takraw, Table Tennis, Floorball and Basketball. Students are exposed to fundamental sports skills such as dribbling, juggling, passing and receiving . Age-appropriate equipment is used and modified games approach is adopted.
Inter-house Games Day

All P3 to P6 students have the opportunity to take part in friendly inter-house competition based on two or three sports that they have learnt for the year. It is through such activities that talented players are also spotted by the relevant sports related CCAs.  School values such as teamwork, respect and resilience are emphasised at the game stations.


Modular Sports Programme The Modular Sports Programme focuses on the development of key sports such as Basketball and Floorball. The sports are covered from P3 to P6 and skills and concepts are taught progressively. Assessment rubrics include school values.
Sports Carnival The Sports Carnival promotesfriendly competition among the four Houses, develop the school values and the values of fair play and good sportsmanship, promote healthy lifestyle and build strong positive bonds among students and between students and teachers. P3 to P6 students are introduced to activities such as Archery, inflatables, Jump Jam, basketball, floorball and carnival games. Students are also reminded about the need to exhibit the school values during the activities and points are awarded to teams that display positive school values.
Sports CCA and Talent Development Programmes

All P3 students undergo a mass sports trial in January. This is to ascertain that students who have the potential for sports development will not miss the opportunity to hone their skills in the relevant sports.

The school has also put in place overseas training and competition platforms for the talented students to build their confidence and enhance their sporting experience. Students will have friendly matches with students in Malaysia for the key sports.

The school also promotes the sporting culture by enhancing sports facilities and celebrating the Sports Boy and Girl of the Year on Colours Day.


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