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School Rules & Regulations

QHPS rules are based on our school values.                                                               

All Qihuaians must demonstrate through their daily behaviour, their understanding and internalization of the six school values – Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Teamwork (R³ICT).

Outside the school, Qihuaians should also remember to project the good name of the school by behaving properly and observing traffic rules. They should also be courteous and considerate to all members of the public when they are in public places.


School Uniform

Qihuaians must wear the prescribed school uniform when they are in school / representing the school. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.


Appearance – Boys



School Rules (Serious Offences have been marked with an asterisk *)
Qihuaians have integrity. Theft/Extortion*
Qihuaians do not take things that do not belong to them.

Qihuaians do not :

copy or attempt to copy another Qihuaian’s script,

refer or attempt to refer to notes, textbooks, workbooks or bring unauthorized materials into the examination room.


Qihuaians are honourable and are responsible for their actions. Forgery*

Qihuaians use only their personal user identities and passwords. They do not forge the signatures of others.

Qihuaians do not alter marks or statements.


Qihuaians do not join gangs. 
Qihuaians do not gamble. 
Smoking or possession of tobacco products/ Substance abuse*
Qihuaians do not smoke, carry tobacco products or take drugs. 
Possession of Weapons*

Qihuaians are not allowed to have in their possession any weapons. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.


Qihuaians show respect.
















Qihuaians show respect.











































Qihuaians show respect.












































Qihuaians show respect.









Qihuaians who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. They will take the pledge with the right fist placed over their heart.


All students must attend and stand at attention during the Flag-

Raising / Lowering and Pledge-taking Ceremony.


Regular Attendance

Qihuaians attend school regularly and attend all classes.



Qihuaians are absent from school with a valid reason/Medical Certificate. They will submit their medical certificates/parents’ letter to their form teachers no later than one working day after the day(s) of absence.




Qihuaian are in the assembly area before the flag-raising ceremony begins at 7.20 a.m.


Attire (Accessories):


Qihuaians wear their school uniform proudly during the flag-raising ceremony. Brightly-coloured/ designed windbreakers or sweaters would be removed before the start of the ceremony.


*Caps should only be worn on LJ or Immersion Trips.


Badges and Collar Badges

Qihuaians wear only badges and collar badges that are approved by the school authorities.


Body Art and Cosmetics

•   Qihuaians should not sport tattoos on any part of the body.

•   Qihuaians do not pierce any other parts of their body.

•   Qihuaians do not wear makeup to school.



•   Qihuaians do not wear jewellery and expensive watches.

•   Girls should have only one pair of earrings/ear studs. Boys should not wear earrings, studs or sticks.


Religious Artifacts

Qihuaians do not wear religious artifacts when they are in uniform.



Qihuaian’s brassiere and/or straps are white or nude coloured.


Behaviour in School and in Public Areas :

Qihuaians treat others with respect and compassion

Greet / thank the teacher / staff / visitor / schoolmate

Ask for permission to enter / leave the room.

Walk from one area to another in the school quietly.

Queue to buy food/drink, consume food/drink only in the canteen & return all cutlery and crockery after use.

Report all bullying cases


Open Defiance*

Qihuaians are always truthful and obey persons of authority.

Qihuaians do not use vulgar language nor show obscene gestures.


Mobile Phones
Qihuaians may use their mobile phones only at the security guardhouse and switch off the device upon entering the school. 

Pupils are discouraged from bringing their mobile devices to school. Students will be fully responsible for the safe-keeping of their personal property should they choose to bring their mobile devices to school. The school will not be held responsible for any loss of mobile devices.


Work Habits

Qihuaians obey classroom rules and routines.


Behaviour in Public*

Qihuaians are well-behaved in public, e.g. bus stops and shopping malls. They do not behave in a manner which brings the school into disrepute.


Behaviour on School/Public Transport* 
Qihuaians observe all road/school bus safety and etiquette guidelines when coming to/leaving school:-        Remain seated at all times

–        Wear the seat belts


School Property*

Qihuaians handle all school properties with care.

·      Use PE/ICT equipment appropriately and with permission

·      View, download or publish appropriate content

·      Throw litter into the dustbins

·      Do not deface the furniture or school walls

·      Do not play with fire  (Actual/Attempted)



Qihuaians do not cause hurt through:

Physical abuse

Emotional abuse

Verbal abuse


Qihuaians report all bullying cases.

Banned Items*

Qihuaians bring only materials that are necessary for school.

Qihuaians do not bring anything that is against the Singapore Law.

Qihuaians must not bring things that will disrupt teaching and learning in class (e.g. toys)

Qihuaians must not bring things that may cause bodily harm to someone, e.g. knives (refer to page 11 of school rules – Possession of Weapons)


Based on documentation, and/or evidence from teachers and statements by students, the Department of Student Management will decide on a plan of action to address any infraction of the school rules. These actions may include but are not limited to the following:

–        Parents are duly informed

–        Meeting with parents

–        Counselling

–        Daily monitoring of Qihuaian’s activities by the school and parents.

–        “Fair” or “Poor” grade for conduct

–        Restorative Service(s)

–        Suspension

–        Corporal Punishment (e.g. caning)



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