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Applied Learning Programme

1)School Niche-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Excellence Programme

1. Objectives

Qihua Primary School (QPS) is committed towards providing a holistic education for its students. Through the Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Excellence Programme, the school aims to develop its students to be confident and articulate communicators equipped with inventive and critical thinking skills.

2Educational Value

QPS has put in place a comprehensive and structured Framework for I&E that supports and guides the I&E Excellence Programme.

3. Student Outcomes

At the end of their primary school education, all students in QPS are aware of the principles of I&E. In addition, they will also embrace a culture of innovation. The following explains the different developmental opportunities and platforms for the promotion of I&E in Qihua

P1 and P2 – Gift for a Friend

All P1 and P2 students participated in an Innovation Programme which is integrated with English, Mathematics, Art and National Education. They learnt about Mathematics and the culture of the other countries. Using recycled materials, the students had to design a doll which ties in with the Olympic theme. They had to think of creative ways to attach the flags to their doll. In the end, the students conducted a “show and tell” session on the doll which they designed.

P3 – Build the Change Challenge!

All P3 students took part in the build the change challenge when they visualised how a classroom would be like 75 years later. Using ideation techniques taught and working in groups, they brainstormed for designs. They then actualised their 2 dimension designs into 3 dimensional designs using Lego sets.

 P4 – Young Entrepreneurs

All P4 students were taught proper ideation techniques and the students submitted their proposals of their products after their brainstorming sessions. The students started on the design of their products after feedback from their teachers. There are awards such as “Most Creative Product”, “Most Usable Product”. Products designed by the students were showcased during InnoJOY Fest and selected products were mass produced for sale.

P5 – Inspiring Impactful Innovators

All P5 students were introduced to product innovation in the environment. They were introduced to techniques to ideate and submitted proposals of their product. 40 Innovation Champions were selected to actualise their ideas. They were under the mentorship of their trainers, mentors and teachers. They were guided to execute and fine-tune their proposed business and product innovations for the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor’s Award. At the end of the sessions, they shared their experience with the school and the public.

 P6 – Biz Kid$

All P6 students participated in the Biz Kid$ Carnival. The P6 students went through a 4-week I&E programme where they learnt about Innovation and Entrepreneurship, ideation techniques, marketing and costing.

 InnoJOY  Fest

InnoJOY is a platform to showcase students’ innovative works and the department’s innovative teaching and learning strategies. Through this platform, the innovation and entrepreneurship spirit is encouraged among staff and students.

Innovation Week

The objectives of Innovation Week are to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in students and increase students’ awareness of innovation around them. This is also a platform for Innovation Champions to hone their presentation and marketing skills.

Teri The Innovator

As resilient and loyal citizens, Qihuaians work in teams to strive for excellence through innovation.

2)Qian Ju Wen Programme(千句文)

This programme was first launched in early 2006 and had achieved substantive results over the years. Qian Ju Wen teaching materials consists of 4 booklets, students will learn them over a period of 2 years. Each booklet has the following unique features.

1)It consists of all the vocabulary words that students learn from Primary one to Secondary four with no repetition.

2)It is a specially design curriculum to meet the local needs of children.

3)It is an unique teaching methodology and a complete learning system.

4)It makes use of different colours to differentiate the various vocabulary words, idioms and synonyms taught to the students.

5)Words are formed into four word phases to enable students to memorize better.

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