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Conversational Chinese and Malay Language

Day : Every Thursday

Time : 11 am – 1 pm

Location : Primary 1 classrooms

Level : Beginners class

Chinese class conducted by Mdm Lee Chay Kar and Mdm Lau Hui Leng

Malay Language class conducted by Mdm Roziah Kassim and Mdm Faridah Din


CCM aims to strengthen Singapore’s multiracial compact and to enable Singaporeans to pick up simple 3rd language.


CCM classes are aimed to provide a 3rd language exposure to these pupils. It was conducted during semester 1. It was conducted over 20 sessions

for Primary 2 pupils. Pupils are selected based on their 2nd language competency.

There were 4 trained instructors (2ML and 2CL) teaching these pupils. These instructors conducted interesting lessons based on the scheme of work given.

Pupils were exposed to conversing in 3rd language through simple activities such as role play, presentation and discussions.

At the end of 20 sessions, pupils presentation (self presentation, role play) were recorded.

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