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Key Programmes

Leadership Programme

  • Student Leadership Training and Opportunities


Prefects led by Head Prefect Sim Yan Yan taking the Prefects Pledge


Mr Aw addressing all Qihuaians on being a student leader


Student Leaders taking the Student Leader’s pledge

Student Management Programmes

  • Student Code Of Conduct
  • Restorative Behavioural Practices
  • RehabilitativeProgramme (for school offenders)

Student Well-Being Programme

Intervention programme for students with Special Needs and At-Risk Students

  • LBS support
  • SST
  • Counselling
  • School Based Dyslexic Remediation (SDR) program

SociSocial and Mental Health

  • Happy To Be Me (P1)
  • Making Friends (P2)
  • Social Grace (P5)
  • Target Setting (P6)
  • Study Skills (P6)
  • Time and Stress Management (P6)
  • Financial Literacy (P6)
  • Anger Management (All Levels – as and when required)
  • Bully-Free Campaign
  • Youth-In-Action (MENDAKI)
  • Enhanced Step Up Programme
    • Tchoukball for At- Risk Students
  • Familiarisation of the school fortransferred in Students

StudStudent Welfare

  • Financial Assistance (MOE, Qihua, External Bursaries)
  • Qihua ReachOut : SATA Medical Assistance Scheme
  • Qihua ReachOut : Food From The Heart


Safety Starts With Me Programme


P1 students practising the kerb drill


P1 students practising the kerb drill


Crossing the road safely


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