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Key Programmes 华文部特色教学计划

P1 to P4
识字千句文》课程 Qian Ju Wen

Qian Ju Wen was first introduced in 2006. It is a curriculum innovation which aims to stretch the student’s ability in Chinese language. Qian Ju Wen teaching materials consist of 4 books which comprise of all vocabulary words from Primary One to Secondary Four. The classroom activities are interactive and engaging as it involves roleplay, poetry recitation and word recitation.

It consists of all the vocabulary words that students learn from Primary one to Secondary four with no repetition.

  1. It is a specially design curriculum to meet the local needs of
  2. It is an unique teaching methodology and a complete learning
  3. It makes use of different colours to differentiate the various
    vocabulary words, idioms and synonyms taught to the students.
  4. Words are formed into four word phases to enable students to
    memorize better.

我校自2006年2月全面推行《识字千句文》课程以来,取得了显著的效果。今年,我校继续推行此课程。《识字千句文》教材共4册,学生 可在2年时间内完成。此教材具有其独特色彩。

  1. 它涵盖教育部规定的小一至中四生字表的字词,而且无一重复。
  2. 它本土化,不同于一般由他国入口的教材。
  3. 它有一套独特的教学法,一套完整的教育体系。
  4. 它以不同的颜色区别各年级的生字词、成语或多音字。
  5. 它以四字编成词,学生更易熟记。
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