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Key Programmes

1) Cyberwellness

In Qihua, Cyberwellness is a program that encompasses not only concerns around safety and security online, but also considers our pupils’ psychological and emotional well being, along with stage of development with specific regard to the range of issues that may affect them in the use of new mobile and internet technologies.

Cyberwellness has been integrated into the CME, ICLAP and library lessons for the pupils in the school. There have been talks organized for both the pupils and parents with the aim to develop our pupils and stakeholders with the key skills and dispositions such as showing consideration to others and making informed decisions and be equally adept in interacting with people and situations in real and virtual spaces.


2) Video Conferencing with Japan

Videoconferencing is a technology that allows people from two different locations to see and hear from one another at the same time. This was carried out with  Higashidai and Tachibana Elementary School in Japan
The purpose of this collaboration is to allow the pupils from both countries to know each others’ culture, standard of living and school life. Through the sharing, pupils are able to source for relevant information, to extract them and present them in Powerpoint presentation and to do an oral presentation to the Japanese audiences with confidence.

3) Video Conferencing with San Shui Wan (China)

The aim of the video conferencing is to improve students communicating skills in Chinese as well as to enhance mutual understanding among students from two countries on their lives and cultural.

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4) ICT Intergration

In order to promote SDL and CoL among students in Qihua, ICT is integrated in the SOW of all subjects in the school. This is further enchanced with the use of the Learning Management System which allows the student to revise from home.


5) ICT in Admin

To promote ICT in Admin the school uses on line system for travel declaration as well as for the booking of special rooms and fault reporting.


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