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Key Programmes

Our programmes at a glance

In Qihua, we believe that success in language is the cornerstone to achievement in all areas. We adopt the 3E (Enable, Engage, Enrich)  approach to cater to the learning needs of all learners and to help them achieve their potential.

Programmes to ENABLE learners:

1) RISE (Reading Instruction Strategies and Exercises) Programme (P1 & 2)

2) Learning Support Programme (P1 & P2)

3) Reading Remediation Programme (P3 & 4)

4) School-based Dyslexia Programme (P3 & 4)

Programmes to ENGAGE learners:

The department adopts STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) which encompasses the use of MLEA (Modified Language Experience Approach), learning centres, supported reading etc. Under MLEA, students learn English through a variety of shared experiences such as learning journeys, sandwich-making and bubbles-blowing activities.

1. Sandwich making

2. ice-cream making 3. bubbles blowing 4. learning centre


2) School-wide Reading Programme


3) Inter-disciplinary Project Work (IPW)
All Primary 3 to 5 students are involved in IPW through which students pick up the skill of writing a specific genre and learn to be effective communicators.

4) Online Reading Tool – LitPro

5) E-trail
During this outdoor trail, the Primary 3 and 4 students experience the joy of learning English, Mathematics and Science through engaging activities involving the use of ICT tools.

5. e trail

6) Strategy-based instruction

7) Inter-class English Language Competitions

8) ICT-based English lessons


Programmes to ENRICH learners

1) Young Author’s Module
Students from selected Primary 5 and 6 classes are introduced to this module to equip them with writing skills to develop them into proficient writers.

2) APEX – High Achievers Programme

Primary 3 to 5 students are selected to take part in programmes that will expose them to English beyond the classroom. Programmes include debate and persuasive writing, journalism and fractured fairy tales.

3) Literature Appreciation Programme for Primary 4 and 5

4) What’s Up Newspaper
Students from Primary 3 to 6 subscribe to the Whatsup newspaper which supports them in their learning of English. Through meaningful activities and discussions, students keep abreast of current affairs and build their vocabulary.


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