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1) Chinese New Year celebrations 农历新年庆祝会 2017

The school held its annual Chinese New Year Celebration on 31st January 2017 .Students came for the celebration in high Spirits, dressed in their traditional costumes. The Lion dance performance was the grand finale, and followed by our traditional “大拜年”。

2017年1月31日,启化小学华文部组织举办了全校师生参加的华人新年庆祝会。当天,学 校礼堂里充满了喜庆欢乐的气氛,不同种族的老师和同学们身着传统服装,齐聚在礼堂里,观赏着精彩纷呈的节目,共同欢度华人新年。

2) MTL Fortnight week 母语双周 2017

Celebrating our language and culture

To create a joyful environment in learning Mother Tongue Language, the MTL department. organised a two week language and cultural programme. Pupils were exposed to many cultural activities and were given opportunities to use their language beyond classroom.  During this week, wide-range of activities were planned and carried out.

为了营造一个更加舒适、更适合学习母语的环境,让 学生热爱华文、乐学善用、认识华族文化, 本校母语部进行了为期两周的一系列活动,例如: 观赏华族戏曲、寓言故 事、相声、布偶戏、话剧、参观晚晴园等等。这些活动希望借此机会让学生对本身的文化有更深一步的认识,更热爱华文。


Primary 3 classroom activities 三年级 《西游记阅读活动》

IMG_3911 IMG_3913


Introducing good books to fellow classmates 阅读讲座



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