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Key Programmes

Our Programme enables our pupils to:

  • develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics.
  • acquire the essential mathematical concepts and skills for real-world situation.
  • develop the ability to reason logically and communicate Mathematics.
  • harness Mathematical tools and technology in the learning and application of Mathematics.


Curriculum Innovation

TEMO (Teach and Explain Mathematics Ourselves) :

  • To develop students’ Mathematical reasoning and communication skills
  • To provide students metacognitive experience by
    • encouraging students to think aloud the strategies and methods they use to solve particular problems.
    • encouraging students to seek alternative ways of solving the same problem and to check the appropriateness and reasonableness of the answer.
    • allowing students to discuss how to solve a particular problem and to explain the different methods that they use for solving the problem.


Programmes to ENABLE:

  • Learning Support of Mathematics (P1 – P2): provides support for Primary One and Two pupils who lack the foundational skills in Mathematics
  • Remedial lessons : provide support for pupils outside curriculum time to reinforce concepts taught in class
  • ICAN (Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy) : to build a strong foundation in numeracy

Programmes to ENGAGE:

  • Structured Thinking Skills and Heuristics (P1 – P6): ensures progressions and continuity in the teaching of problem-solving skills
  • Math Literacy and Communication : provides opportunities for engagement in investigate work that develop the thinking, reasonsing and communication skills
  • SSM (Sustained Support for Mathematics): provides hands-on activities which develop conceptual understanding of Mathematics
  • E-Learning : provides opportunities for self-directed learning.

Programmes to ENRICH:

  • Math Olympaid Training (P3 – P6): enriches the learning experience of high progress pupils
  • Mathematics Competitions: provides opportunities for pupils to identify and explore their talent in Mathematics.
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